Using the Card Backs Healers of the Earth

This article offers tips for how to use the card backs within different kinds of readings.

The card backs were created as a tool that I could use to read different elements, and to help me achieve a deeper message in a reading. For example, when working with my own guides, sometimes they have a message for me that may go outside of what is a current personal focus. Do they want me to focus on my personal life or relationships? Or do they have a message for me as it pertains to the greater world or environment? Having a tool that can let me know this adds a dimension to readings that I wouldn’t normally have with a regular tarot or oracle.

These same card backs have been formatted to help within a reading that focuses on healing or one that focuses on the collective environment or bigger world issues. Use the below points to offer a guide for how they can be used in your own readings or daily draws.


1. Using the Card Back as a Focus Tool

The cards can be used before a daily draw or reading in order to ask your angels or guides what area of life to focus on. Use the below as a guide for how to use the card backs for this purpose:

  • Personal Physical: Drawing this card back before a daily draw or reading indicates to focus on personal concrete issues. These can include health, finances, and anything that affects you physically.
  • Personal Emotional: Drawing the card back indicates to focus on your emotional life and what affects you (or is affecting you) emotionally.
  • Collective Physical: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on the greater world in a physical sense. This can pertain to politics, leaders, the environment, stock market, institutions, and anything else that is a concrete issue in the world or affects the planet, animals, or groups of people physically.
  • Collective Emotional: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on the greater world in a way that is less concrete. This could include collective mindsets, emotional energies that are strong, political movements, unrest, anger, fear, or other collective emotional states that affect groups of people emotionally.
  • Hypervigilance and Illusion: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on areas of life where you might need to see the truth or have become trapped in fear or illusion (believing something is real when it isn’t). It can include hypochondrias, deceptions, fantasy, media and entertainment, addictions (including love addictions), or forms of escapism.
  • Industry and Technology: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on work, education, or the ways you are affected by technology. This can include social media, television, internet, research, news programs, big businesses, power companies, and anything technological.
  • Purification and Release: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on how you can purify yourself or you life. This can include toxic relationships, jobs, diets, or things that don’t serve you anymore¬† that can be let go of (such as habits, patterns, or addictions).
  • Spiritual Hygiene: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on your spiritual life and energy body. This can include your chakras, meridians, energy field, energies you are working with, spiritual beliefs, and whatever can help you to purify yourself energetically or spiritual, or adhere to a spiritual path that is in your highest and best interest. In the negative, it can indicate invasive energetic influences, mindsets, implants, or manipulation.
  • Empathy and Relationships: Drawing this card back indicates to focus on the area of love and relationships, and also how you are being affected by others in your environment, empathically or in other ways.


2. Using the Card Backs in a Personal Healing Reading

The card back can either be used on their own or with the card fronts as a aspect of a card fronts energy to focus on. Using them on their own is good for empath’s who may experience symptoms or confusion where a symptoms is coming from. Are they all in the head? Symptoms of anxiety? Emotions taken on from others? A good reference to use is below:

  • Personal Physical: Is there something physical going on, such as a reaction to food, supplement, medicine? Is there a physical condition, a physical need that needs to be tended to (such as need to eat, watch blood sugar, rest, or drink more water), or something genetic beneath a symptom?
  • Collective Physical: Are you picking up on something physical that is occurring on the collective level? If you are earth empathic and tuned into the Earth, you could feel sensitive to disasters, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, or other phenomenon even if it is occurring far away.
  • Personal Emotional: Is a sensation or set of symptoms arising or being triggered by something emotional going on within you? Could you be having emotional flash backs, or experiencing sensations from repressing your emotions, from anxiety, or the release of adrenaline from stress?
  • Collective Emotional: Is a sensation or set of symptoms arising or being triggered by the emotional collective climate? Are you picking up on collective anger, fear, confusion, restlessness, or hyperactivity that is being experienced by a collective of people (due to an event or some form of upset)?
  • Hypervigilance & illusion: Is a sensation or set of symptoms connected to some form of hypervigilance or state of expectancy or projection (such as worrying so much someone may be angry with you that you create symptoms within yourself or feel attacked). Are you making yourself sick over something? Are you living in a fantasy world or using denial, cognitive dissonance, drugs or some other form of escape to cope? Is some element to what you are experiencing all in your mind, fantasy, or wishful thinking?
  • Industry & Technology: Are you reacting to technology (physically or emotionally through something you see on social media)? Is an issue work related?
  • Purification & Release: Are you going through some sort of change in diet or cleansing process that is causing symptoms of detoxification or withdrawal? Did you recently go through a loss or give something up and need time to process? Did you take something out of your diet that was unhealthy (like sugar, alcohol, or caffeine) or put new in (such as a supplement, new herb or tea, or something that could have a healing or cleansing effect).
  • Spiritual Hygiene: Do you need to clear your space and energy of negative spiritual influences or invasive energetic entities? Do you need to ground yourself? Do you need to work with the chakras or are they out of balance, blocked, or have energetic defects? Do you have leaks, tears, or holes in your aura?
  • Empathy and Relationships: Have you taken on the emotions, ideas, projections (such as someone wanting you to feel anxious, sad, bad about yourself, or something else to the point you do), or mental conditioning of others around you or in a relationship? Are you overly enmeshed, codependent, or trying to figure out what someone else is thinking that you are in their energy field to much and feeling what they feel? Do you need to clear yourself of psychic debris?


3. Using the Card Backs in a Collective Reading

The definitions for the card backs are a little different with a collective readings since it is focused on reading the collective energy. You can follow the below guide to get a clearer picture:

  • Personal Physical: Are there individuals, leaders, or personalities that need to be paid attention to or who are affecting change on a collective level? This could be either for positive or negative. Is there a need for people in general to focus on health, money, the physical body, or other aspects of physical reality?
  • Collective Physical: Are there physical, economical, or environmental events going on which need to be paid attention to. Are there events going on which can affect the collective (or a collective of individuals) in a physical way (such as with regard to finances, health, livelihood, or something else physical)?
  • Personal Emotional: Are the emotions or reactions of certain individuals, leaders, or personalities something that need to be paid attention to (for positive or negative). Are people being emotionally influenced by the words, propaganda, thoughts, or opinions, or important personalities, celebrities, or leaders?
  • Collective Emotional: Are there political, military, or highly emotionally charged events going on in the world which need to be paid attention to. Is there revolutionary energy or protests going on in certain places? Are there big changes in the way people think or with norms, trends, or what is important to them? Are people being emotionally or otherwise influenced (positively or negatively) by propaganda, media stories, conspiracy theories, or new ideas?
  • Hypervigilance & Illusion: Is there something that is causing irrational paranoia, fear, or worry? Are people creating situations through focusing on them too much? Are people focusing too much on fantasy, illusion, entertainment, drugs, or the media in some form? Are people living in a fantasy world or using cognitive dissonance, denial, or escapism to avoid facing realities or the truth?
  • Industry & Technology: Is there something that is needed to be paid attention to in the realms of energy, power sources, industries, pollution, manufacturing, or big businesses? Is there new research, studies, experiments that are causing a stir? Are there changes in the economy, with the work place, or with values or norms concerning employment or making a living? Is something going on within the media or on social media that needs paying attention to?
  • Purification & Release: Are big shifts or changes going on (or needed) that will need time to be adjusted to or which people are resisting (these could be emotional, physical, or energetic)? Is there some sort of bigger cleansing or purification process going on with the earth, with people, with nutrition or diets, with farming practices, or when it comes to being less polluting or more environmental? Are people changing their values to become more honest, ethical, or purely motivated, or is there more of a need for this? Is there an unjust situation that is being dealt with or a movement toward creating more justice?
  • Spiritual Hygiene: Is there negative spiritual interference going on or negative manipulation that is occurring at a spiritual or energetic level? Are people being deceived at a spiritual level or becoming more lost or unable to connect with spirit or higher source? Are people succumbing to forms of brainwashing, mental conditioning, or taking on of unhealthy ideas of others, or is there a need for people to clear themselves of negative psychic debris taken on at a collective level.
  • Empathy & Relationships: Is there something or some energy that¬†collective is vulnerable to taking on empathically that needs to be released (such as ideas, energies, emotions, conditioning). Are there aspects of the dating world, culture, how people within a collective are treating or relate to one another, or a group’s or collective’s level of humanity that are changing, being triggered, or there is the need to pay more attention to them?