Reading of the Collective Energy Results

Nature Sprite

Nature SpriteThe below are offered only as examples of energy or potentials. 
  • Environmentalism is on the rise, or an environmental group is taking action in a newsworthy way.
  • There’s new research undertaken that focuses on our human impact on nature or nature’s impact on us (or the importance of having a connection with nature).
  • There are new developments, inventions, or solutions when it comes to living more environmentally or in harmony with nature.
  • A celebrity or politician is serving an environmental cause.
  • New treatments or approaches are discovered that can help with environmental illnesses and other 20th Century-type diseases.

Global and Healing Message

Sound Healing Reversed

Sound Healing ReversedIf you’ve drawn this card for its global and healing message, its advice is to listen, because Mother Nature is calling you. While she may not be able to communicate with you through using words or a human language, She has her own way of expressing her truth or a message. Perhaps you can learn to hear what she has to relay through meditating with Her out in nature. Out in nature, you can hear the buzzing of life, rippling of water, the songs of birds, or other elements that make up a symphony of life and truth.

While there’s a lot that Nature communicates that is beautiful and inspiring, and you’re encouraged to pay attention to this, try not to shy away from hearing what could educate humanity about its shadow-side. The more you can tune in and listen to whatever Nature has to share with you, the more you will discover that there’s always been a back and forth dialogue. And if you are willing to listen and learn the language that is being spoken, you can become a more conscious participant in the conversation.

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