Global and Healing Message

Wounded Healer Reversed

Wounded Healer ReversedIf you’ve drawn this card for its global and healing message, its advice is to see the opportunity within every challenge you face to be role model or source of inspiration and compassion for others. We all struggle, we all have challenges, and we all have lessons to learn. All of us know and understand something about pain and suffering. It is something we all share in common as opposed to making us different. Due to this, there’s no need to judge yourself or others based on what kind of difficulty or suffering is being experienced. Your suffering or challenges don’t have to leave you or others feeling less than, inferior, or alone. Instead, they can be what ignites your empathy, tolerance, courage, compassion, inner strength, as well as your ability to become your own brand of teacher, support, or healer for others going through similar circumstances.

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