73 Divination Cards
& Guidebook

Cards created especially for earth sensitives, nature lovers,
and those interested in personal and planetary healing.

11:11This deck contains 73 tarot-sized cards grouped into categories of 8 cards each and one extra card (Card 0). Categories include: Air and Atmosphere, Land and Earth, Fire and Smoke, Water and Rain, Ice and Snow, Industry and Technology, Purification and Release, Spiritual Hygiene, and Health and Healing. Also included is a 200 page manual. The artwork for each card was purchased through Fotolia.com and Dreamstimes.com and elements were added such as weather, butterflies, sparkles, crystal skulls, and other symbolic objects.

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This is not a “feel good” deck but an healing deck. The backs of the cards can be used with the front of the cards to give a reading (for what to make a focus: personal physical, personal emotional, collective physical, collective emotional, technology, spiritual hygiene, empathy and relationships, purification and release, and hypervigilance and illusion). The manual that comes with the cards offers upright and reversed definitions for each card and also explains how to use the cards with their card backs (or how to use the card backs alone).

These cards were printed and packaged as eco-friendly as possible. The boxes for the cards were created using recycled paper products and the books have been printed through Ingram Spark (an environmental print-on-demand service). The most recent order of card decks (shown in the sidebar image) was printed by Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Co., Ltd. who uses soy-based eco-friendly inks and FSC Certified Paper from Kholer Paper Group. Packaging makes used eco-friendly boxes or envelopes, paper tape (or biodegradable clear packing tape), and reused bubble or other wrap where applicable. 


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Empathic Healing Spread

I have to tell you that after unboxing it, I am completely blown away at how thoughtfully this deck has been prepared. I am so excited to work with it!!! I own nearly 80 decks, and I can already tell that this is going to be one of my absolute favorites. It is truly spectacular.

Indiegogo Contributor

Hi Mandy, I just wanted to thank you personally for making such an amazing deck. My aunt gave them to me as a gift for my birthday this year.…  and I feel that this gift was very special and honestly the best give I’ve ever received. Thank you for putting so much love into them.


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